Saturday, September 27, 2003


television is my nemesis. i cannot be creative when it is on. that is why weekends suck. because it's on during the day. i usually have it off, besides one or two kids' shows in the morning. fuckity fuck. hubby's watching spiderman on hbo or whatever. cute little show. but i wish we had those little cordless earphone thingies so he could watch it and i wouldn't have to listen to it. or i wish i could plug the laptop in somewhere else....but since we only have one outlet??? yes, i have issues. i am a creature of habit. i am nearly incapable of changing certain routines. What's up O.C.D? good times.

i had some borderline interesting things to say, but the evil hypnotic box is preventing them from exiting my head via my hands.


i was hoping i could summon the willpower to give my kids a nap so i could work on the story i started yesterday, cuz i'm kind of liking it......poor little geek basket. but i'm not big on willpower. i fucking love typing the word "power" though. if i took a typing test and they only had me type that word, i'd score like a 400 wpm. i swear to gertrude.

i was catching up on tony's site today and discovered a rave review of a White Stripes show. that made me smile. not as much as everything else that literary genius writes, or at least in a different way. it's just that i only hear negativity about them, i worry about my taste in music sometimes and this is one of those times. i love that song. the one getting overplayed ad nauseum. don't even know the name of it. and that's why i downloaded a whole bunch of their songs and now i know that i really like them, not just that one song... anyway, the fact that tony had such good things to say relieves the anxiety i was feeling... so thanks Mr. Pierce. but everything else he writes is like drinking liquid gold. no--liquid diamonds, cuz it's sparkly.....and smooth and wonderful. ahem. i guess i could get off my knees now.

phone call.

kay i'm back. well last minute plans to go to a lil party. we weren't going to go but the host just called to see if we're coming and we caved. one of those "bring your kids of you want/need" parties....blach. we are always in the crowd of "no babysitter? no go!" buuuuuuuut....we're going to give it a shot. might be worth it. trying to have a positive attitude...struggling...dammit, i think i won. i'm so selfish. if i can't thoroughly enjoy myself i want no part of it! i am such a rambling idiot. i better go make dinner and pick out something to wear.......and as we all know, that could take a while.