Thursday, September 25, 2003

i alone love you

well, not really, but i was momentarily unable to think of an original thought....sometimes when a good song is playing it creeps inside and spews out my mouth or fingers or whatever. so, let me give credit to Live before i get any further. i love throwing copper. okay, once again, not literally. the album.

so in case there was any doubt, i should report that i have the world's greatest husband. he swooped in and tivo'ed me just in time for premier week. cuz see, here's the thing. if you have kids you'll understand--you can't watch tv while children are awake, at least not 3 year olds. and who has the will to find blank video tapes and set the damn thing and hope it doesn't fuck up? so i end up missing the sparse, few shows i find entertaining. not anymore. and football has once again entered the realm of "watchable". aaaaaaaaahhhh. time to go see how it all works.......

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