Thursday, September 11, 2003

Blah Morning to you

It's a beautiful day outside and i have lots of fun plans for the day so i should be excited. I am not--so far.

So my jerk-off best friend who desserted me by taking a year off her phD program to stay in Maine called yesterday. gaaaaaaaaaawd i miss her!! (not to worry becks, you've been filling the vacancy so well i'd sort of forgotten i missed her until she called!!). She had lots of funny stories--her family is more fucked up than most and that is always great amusement. anyway, it was nice. She called me from the breakwater--which is a one mile long wall across the ocean, sheltering the harbor and with a lighthouse on the end...hope i described that well. anyway, it's our favorite place to walk and talk so of course that made me more homesick than just her call. oh well. i'm okay with a little homesickness.

So as an email and internet addict, i was rather late to the party in the using instant messanger department. however, now that i'm there, i'm hooked. problem is, most of my friends are either A. people i talk to on the phone regularly so what's the point of im? or B. not, uh, living as free and (boring) easy a lifestyle as I am. So, i flipped through my Outlook address book and was reminded of an old friend with whom i reconnected last year who wanted to IM so I got it all set up, but never used it. Now that i see how it works...(yes i'm that stupid) I wish we would have used it. So, I sent an invitation yesterday and am now patiently awaiting a chat. Yes, i said it. PATIENTLY. what?? I AM capable of patience. Oddly enough, I"m feeling patient at this point. I'm sure it'll pass as soon as i have breakfast or something, and be replaced with that gnawing, incessant need for the object of my desire to occur immediately. Cuz that's who I am.

Also, if anyone out there wants to IM me, you should. I would giggle with glee. Or at least talk to you. And that's it right there--the reason I never wanted to use instant messaging!! Wow. I'd forgotten how completely childishly stupid it sounds to my ears to say "IM me". i don't know why, but it sounds very high-school. very "daddy bought me a new beamer, but i don't like the color". and no, i don't know of any qualified therapists who could do anything for me. so keep it to yourself. My Yahoo ID is boredhousewife95. and maybe i'll get really fancy and put a link on my sidebar for it. i should actually have some time today during naptime to work on this uninterupted.

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