Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Happy Beatles Wednesday

Yes, I know I should be listening to floyd to get in the mood. And I will. But for now, it's me and my fab four. How sad is it when your voice is so deep (and of such a small range) that you can't sing along with the beatles???? sad. okay, so i can do some songs, but i sound much much better accompanied by Robert Plant or Roger Waters....sad.

I just read some great stuff, at Blue Hysteria. Fantastic writing. Once again, inspiring me to do more actual creative writing. but who has time to plan for something like that???? ack. apparently some people make it a little more of a priority.

I am officially addicted to something new. Cold stone ice cream. fuck.

feeling rather uncharacteristically short-winded today. i'll quit while i'm ahead...

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