Wednesday, September 17, 2003

it's a blustery, chilly--beautiful day

and time to wrassle the little 'uns down for a shearing...shaggy little beasts....wish me luck!!!!!!

My childhood best friend is heading south for the winter, like a good little ducky, and she'll be passing straight through my town tomorrow! yeee haaaaaaaaaaaaw! I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited. (every time i write that since reading on someone's site that they promise their readers they will never spell "so" with more than one "o" I feel silly. sadly, i don't even remember the site. why do i wish to please others in such an all-consuming fashion??? god.) Anyway, she is amazing and wonderful and we don't see each other very often anymore. We were neighbors--in that rural Maine fashion, of living on the same street about 1/10 mile apart--hey that was close! She had the most gorgeous backyard with a big old pond for winter skating and summer canoeing and there was an enormous field just behind their property line where we lived out all our little girls riding horses daydreams. we must have run miles and miles everyday back then. what a life. what a happy, sweet, pure life. i cannot say enough about how insanely beautiful my childhood was. not perfect. non-existent relationship with father, "perfect" sister, etc, so plenty of room for issues to blossom and grow, but certainly better than many possible childhoods. In fact, my biggest fear was that this friend of mine would move away. we were like twins--siamese twins. we both had blondish naturally curly hair and were stick skinny, so people often confused us. She has the same name as my sister, so i still answer to that name as readily as my own, from being called by it so often. the weirdest thing about that was when i was in college and on two separate occassions people who had just met me called me by that name. i swear it was just still lingering in my aura or something......anyway. One of my most vivid memories was when we were 9 or 10, sitting in the backseat of her dad's olive green Maverick while he ran in to the bank and we were singing "the pink dink group, we're the pink dink group" at the top of our lungs. ahhhh. good times. the hours and hours and hours of barbies...all the crushes on all those boys--usually in pairs, so we could potentially double date....then there was the summer after our sophomore year of college when we were sitting at the cabin on the lake and she was shouting "oral sex" and "masturbation" to our other friend and I, when the owners of the cabin appeared out of nowhere (the other friend's aunt & unlce). even better times. she was certainly responsible for my earliest sex ed knowledge--due to the fact that she had very open, cool hippie parents and mine were much older and reserved....nothing, but nothing beats that bond of friendship between women. and i'll maintain that it's the women i've known since girlhood who will never be lost to me. they're so deeply a part of me that i would not be me without them. damn them--they really fucked me up! har. anyway. enough of memory lane. I'm really excited to see her though. ooh--and i just remembered i'm supposed to pass along a message from someone at the class reunion. hmm. forgot about that. jumping out of my skin excited!!

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