Thursday, September 04, 2003

trying out the "blog this" button

Here's a great site i just found on fresh blogs called how perfectly swell and it is. perfectly swell. ,

okay, so "blog this" works fine, but it's no more convenient than the usual way to post, and in fact it doesn't appear that i can publish, so what the hell's the point???

anyway, when i mentioned that i "found some good stuff" while looking through old posts this morning, one of the good things was a comment from Mark so i went to his site to check it out again before linking him, but then i got distracted ('magine that!) and didn't do it. THEN a few minutes ago i noticed he had left a comment here. at first i thought "what an amazing coincidence!" then i remembered that some people have better web stats than i do and he might have actually seen me on his site earlier which is why he came here. and then i realized i think too much. i should go to more of the types of concerts that mark goes to--or at least engage in the concert-day festivities that he does....wink wink. then i'd be able to relax.

i am listening to radiohead right now. i still have to say creep is my favorite song--if only because it reminds me of my early years of debauchery and villainousness in Utah, as well as mirroring some of my own thoughts--but there are some songs that really kick that song's ass....god that sounded stupid. sometimes, when i talk to "real" adults i feel like a teenager. and when i say "real" i mean, people my age who actually act like they're 28. i use too much slang and i use it so often that sometimes i fear i've forgotten all the gloriously uptight rules of the english language which i cherish so....but no, couldn't be. which reminds me--i'm ashamed to admit that there's a word i've been using incorrectly. i am aghast, actually. somehow i picked up the word "tortuous" from someone using it incorrectly in place of the word "torturous". but i trusted this person. dammit. that makes my skin crawl. what kind of trash could i have been spending time with?? just kidding. mistakes happen, it's all good. but if i ever figure out who led me astray--i'll put their bloody eyes out!

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