Tuesday, September 23, 2003

well, there's good news and there's bad news...

don't you hate hearing that? some people are so dramatic. they say that and i get all worried and excited and it's ends up being about something so inconsequential that neither the good nor the bad could even be close to fitting in the news category. but whatever. I had a point, I think....oh yeah. the good news is: excedrin really kicked that headache's ass, but the bad news is it sure doesn't promote sleep. little bastards left me so wide awake and restless that i almost resorted to coming downstairs and blogging, but instead i created a marvelous little novella in my head in a fruitless attempt to lull myself to sleep.....of course, i can't remember any of it. and it was not so much marvelous as mildly entertaining, anyway. it's almost November though!!! don't forget to sign up for National Novel Writing Month!!!

so. I have something on my mind, something I should probably find a better avenue of communication for than this little page, but we all know I'm waaaaaaay too lazy for that, so here it is. I would like to extend my gratitude to Adam Sandler for sharing the phrase "Jeezum Crow" with the world in the movie Mr. Deeds. I know it sounds like a small thing. I know it sounds like a strange and ugly phrase to many of you. but it is a beautiful moment when one's new england heritage is brought to the front of the mind at an unlikely moment. so if anyone sees Mr. Sandler, give him five for me.

I'm hungry.

had a great workout, though. love the new mp3 player. damn i'm hot. no really--it's like 80 degrees today.

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