Saturday, September 06, 2003

just realized how pathetically addicted i am

and how wretched my spelling has become. it's all bill gates' fault. (as is pretty much all things wrong with life--just kidding. without windows i couldn't function) but seriously. i am watching 2 extra kids and i'm still popping on here to check stuff. the convenient location of laptop at breakfast nook doesn't help much....oh well. the house hasn't caught on fire yet, at least not technically, i mean toaster fires don't really count....

so the hot neighbor was outside today, with his girlfriend, and i spoke to them briefly, but sometimes it's hard to sound intelligent when he's around, steaming up the joint with his abnormally high body temperature. and i ended up ducking back inside just as the skank daughter came outside, and i was afraid it looked like i was guiltily avoiding her--cuz the adults were away for about a week and she did some heavy partying (as you may recall). but i don't think it's my place to tell on her. if her mom would leave me with a list of do's and don'ts and ask me to report back, i'll admit i'd probably do it--with a sick, deep sense of gleeful satisfaction!!! but since i don't really know what her rules are i don't pay close attention to the goings on (okay, okay, so i sit in the dark peering through my blinds and take notes). anyway, i'm a freak. who else fucking notices and worries about shit like that? oh no, the 15 year old thinks i'm tattling on her! cripes.

this post has taken a record number of minutes to write. i have popped 3 different bags of popcorn and cleaned up two spills and refilled 4 bowls 3 times...and that's too much like math so i'm going to stop right now. or maybe now. nope, now.

so, this is quadruple header golf weekend. the best friend i talked about who moved to oregon (although it's actually washington...) well, her husband is town and that's another brother of the hubby so they're doing 36 holes today as well as tomorrow. they're so lame. friggin golf. better go.

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