Monday, September 15, 2003

romance a brewing in cyber space....

back off--i know that's about as much of a newsflash as the Affleck-Lopez breakup, but it's closer to home this time. much closer. I was just telling my husband that "all the cool bloggers live in L.A...." (in that tone of voice that a teenage girl uses on her mother to weasel permission). and i was right. There was a mini bloggers convention over the weekend and I'll admit I felt a twinge of jealousy, reading about it. I would love to meet some of the faceless names someday, even though Kevynn's right--there could very well be some weirdos out there. me, for example. I pretend to be a sweet little swearing housewife with a chip on her shoulder about utah, when in fact, i'm a machine gun-toting fanatical christian with a beer belly, a waist length beard, and a penis. dammit. i just blew my cover. Oh yeah, and I wasn't at all surprised when she said he was dreamier in person. I believe you really can tell a bit about a person's general state of attractiveness by the way they write...again, let's take me for an example. It's obvious that I'm not a long haired, bearded male. and i would really post a picture if A. i had a decent recent one (yay for rhyming!) and B. I would ever remember to ask my husband to set up a website for me to link to. since blogger isn't adding new pro accounts that's not really an option for now. cock suckers.

I am almost not retarded with the whole instant messaging forum anymore, FYI. although i keep forgetting that i can't check my yahoo email without being automatically logged out of the IM thing. and it's annoying.

but not as annoying as barney. or having barney songs stuck in my head. I know, i know. don't even comment on it, okay? i don't want to hear it. i am well aware that it is my own fault for ever allowing such filth into my home. I feel no need to defened my choice. seriously--save it. i don't want to hear it.

remind me to update my stupid sidebar, would you? my brain is so full of holes, you'd think i'd been doing ecstasy or something. (for the record, definitely NOT).

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