Thursday, September 11, 2003

Shoulda stayed in bed

Today was a stupid waste of air. I fucked around all morning and didn't get to the gym until 2--which is 3 hours later than i intended, and smack at the beginning of naptime. and one of the reasons i was later than usual was that i had to hurry and wash the one pair of pants my kids have that still fit them because it was suddenly very cold yesterday and forecasted the same for today. did i bother to step outside and check? what do you think? of course not. cuz i'm stupid. sooooooooo, i waited around for the laundry to finish so we could go, then we got outside and it was too warm. i couldn't stand the thought of taking off their pants after all that trouble so i just put them in short sleeves. but dammit. i hate wasting energy on uncessary things.

And i just logged in to my instant messenger thingy and sent a message to the old friend i mentioned earlier, even though his little smiley face said "i am currently away from the computer", cuz i had reached the limit of my patience. i told you it was, about 30 seconds later yahoo kicked me off saying i had logged in somewhere else. WTF??? (That means "what the fuck"). so of course, now i'm worrying about whether or not he received the message. could somebody pleeeeeeeeease share some valium with me????????


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