Saturday, January 03, 2004

you know, it's amazing...

how little i care about politics and the goings on of our world...
i should be embarassed.
in fact, i am, a little.
but it requires too much effort, and usually just makes me angry.
cuz people are so stupid.
and they should all just chill the fuck out and get along.
also, that probably makes me stupid.
but do i care?
do i?
fuck no.

i've been kicking some ass at Monopoly this weekend, though.
it's a dylan weekend--he's my husband's 7 year old.
so we've been endulging in a lot of Uno, monopoly, spades, and yahtzee.
good times.

this morning...
we were being super lazy...
staying in bed while our kids wandered around our room.
hubby left the chewable vitamin Cs on the desk.
no child proof lid.
kids LOVE them.
i keep them locked in the pantry and give them one or two a day (probably too much, but oh well).
hubby gets up and gets them breakfast then twin B starts crying for me and comes to me.
and projectile vomits bright orange liquid all over me, the floor, the bed...
he had, apparently, consumed a few too many of the vitamin Cs.
i felt like such a ridiculously negligent idiotic parent.
although, to be fair (or finger-pointy!) it was the Mr. who left them in a place they could be obtained.
i am really careful about stuff like that.
even though a vitamin c overdose is pretty damn low on the list of hazards in the home...


also, there was a message on my phone this morning.
a call had come in at 3 a.m.
it was a man saying, "hey" then hanging up.
wrong number, i imagine.
the number on my caller i.d. was a local number, but not one i recognize.
think i'll find that website where i can do a reverse look up...

and we're still getting snow.

but at least the 4 wheel drive vehicle is back in working order.
minus both headlights being out.
maybe that trooper and Kevynn's car can get together and fix each other.

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