Wednesday, January 14, 2004

good lord

i just made some "cookies" with SOY FLOUR.
i decided to taste the dough because i wanted to know if they were any good before cooking them...
i wanted to vomit just to get a better taste in my mouth!
it was that bad.
i swear to god i've never tasted anything worse.
it actually tasted a lot like vomit.
it was a simple recipe for russian tea cakes.
butter, vanilla, flour, powdered sugar.
i substituted soy flour for regular and splenda for the powdered...
that's the last time i try to outsmart money grubbing atkins-friendly manufacturers.
next time i want cookies, i'll pay the 6 bucks for a bag of atkins mix.
hell, i'll pay 50 just so i don't have to taste that shit ever again.
i can still taste it.
thank god for 3 carb ice cream.

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