Saturday, January 10, 2004

saturday night fever

more like saturday afternoon rugburn, but whatever.

day 4 of the Atkins Revolution and i'm doing great.
you're supposed to keep it under 20 grams of carbs each day for the first 2 weeks.
i've been averaging 12.
yee haw for me!
of course, it only took me 2 days to look up an ice cream recipe and discover that if i use splenda it's only 2.9 carbs for 3/4 cup of chocolate homeade ice cream.
fuck yeah.
turned out pretty good, too.
despite the mishaps...
see, when the recipe says "pour batter into chamber and turn handle immediately" they're not kidding.
they mean immediately, dammit.
or else.
or else what?
oh i'll tell ya.
or else the shit freezes so hard and so fast to the sides that turning the handle becomes impossible.
that's what i get for trying to include my kids in the joy of making ice cream.
lil poops slowed me down.
so i ended up scratching the beautiful no stick finish trying to pry it all out.
wait for it to melt?
i don't think so.
must have ice cream.

anyway, that was a pretty exciting discovery.
i think i can make strawberry for about the same carbs, so i'll do that next.
i never really liked strawberry ice cream, until i had it homeade last summer at my mother in law's on the 4th of Independence Day....
fuck me running that stuff was an orgasm with a spoon (which is also fun...)

had a great workout this morning.
and i am here to tell you, that if you do it right, this atkins gig works.
i can feel the changes in my body.
it's burning the fat, mother fuckers.
it was so much harder to run today with no carbs to burn, but i pushed on, knowing for every step i took i would burn some actual lard off my gut.
and there was a lil hottie to my left so that always keeps me from giving up and speed walking.
or maybe it's all a crock of shit and i'll gain ten pounds before i catch on.

tonight it's babysitter time.
no, that wasn't a typo.
i think that's more suited to me--that little dash of bad added to a holy word.
i'm excited.

i'm watching my niece right now, well she's watching the Lion King and I'm typing, but you know...
my boys are about to wake up from their naps, though, so quiet time is about to burst into flames and float away, ashes on the wind.
which for some bizarre reason reminds me that it was really foggy last night when i was driving home (or soggy, as my boys say it).
this is exciting when you live in the desert.
it was wonderful.
i miss fog.
i miss my ocean.
i miss lighthouses and boats and pubs and fishermen.

have a wonderful weekend, anyone who's out there.

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