Friday, January 02, 2004

what a whiner i am

i really shouldn't write when i'm hung over.

so the coolest thing that i forgot to mention about our new year's eve is this:
i met Trinity while standing in line in the ladies room.
my first thought was the Matrix, obviously...
I said, "ooh, you must love the whole matrix craze!"
she said, "I inspired the whole thing."
how cool might i be if i had a name like that?
i mean, really.
what are the odds that someone named "Lisa" is going to be more than slightly interesting?
someone named Trinity, though!
i could front a rock band.
or be an artist--a sculptor.
i could be an opera singer.
yeah, yeah, i know it's not in the name, but sort of.
think about it.
the kind of people who would name their child Trinity (20 or 30 years ago) are the kind of people who would raise an artistically inclined child.
i just know it.

we're having MORE snow.
thank god, because we were running out.
my kids are grumpier than, well, me...

i know it's fantasty friday, but i don't have it in me at the moment.
i'm mere inches from locking my kids in a closet and cranking some music to drown their crying so i can clean my house in peace.
god. damn.
they've had too much sugar and too little sleep for too many days.
fucking holidays.

i need a day in a spa.
hubby, if you're reading this...
insert me batting eye lashes and promising lots of new and exotic--uh, stuff.


we're almost back to the normal routine.
i love routines.
not tax routines, not dance routines.
but schedules.
makes for less thinking.
and who wants to be all bogged down with THINKING????
good god.
thinking is for losers.


maybe i'll think of a good fantasy friday later.
or maybe i'll go take a bath and pretend i'm the only person on the planet.
or at leat the only person in this house.
wouldn't that be nice?

speaking of solitude.
the ski resorts are LOVING this snow.

i am neither a ski resort nor loving this snow.

happy january 2nd!!
good luck remembering to write 2004...

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