Wednesday, January 07, 2004

freaking snowing again

what the hell is this, winter??
god DAMN.

so anyone who read my comments and saw the "u r gay" comment here's the story...
i know the whole flame wars re-cap thing is annoying, but it's just never happened before so i'm a little excited.
besides, the kid is a dumbass and i need to share that with as many people as possible.
i'll be as brief as i can...
on the fresh blogs list there was a blog with "mormon" in the title, and also "ass" so i was naturally intrigued.
seemed to be the work of a fairly young boy, 14-17 ish, looked like it was more of a message board for his buddies, no big woop. but he also mentioned a game against West Valley, which is a city near salt lake, so i figured, mormon, west valley, gotta be a utah kid. so i left a little message.
"have i actually found another Utah blogger?
you sound like ahigh school boy...
but hey, nothing's better than mormon and ass in the same title--rock the fuck on."

dude emails me this:
alright, never fucking go to my site again. I am not from Utah. just because u suck at life dosn't mean u need to go putting gay worthless comments in peoples websites. burn in hell and leave me alone.

your friend,
a dude

Am i delirious here, or did that actually make sense to any of you?
it's not like i told him his site was lame and i merely asked a question about his location.

so of course i had to respond to his email with "Why don’t you go fuck your little boyfriends and quit being such a douche bag?"

cuz i'm about as mature as a teenage boy...and then he or one of his little buddies left that u r gay comment.

i think it's hilarious, and i'm not even close to being offended.
i hope they reach puberty safely and get into good colleges.

okay enough of THAT crap.

but it is time to go to the gym.
wish me luck fighting off the january crowds...

i'll write something good when i get back and put the kids to bed.
i'm not writing without tunes anymore!!
well, until i get lazy, tomorrow, noonish?
also, i usually don't write those Fantasy Friday thangs ahead of time, i just sort of let out what's in...
well, yesterday i got inspired and i wrote one that'll knock your socks off.
t-rust me.
i almost posted it today just cuz i could, but i figure i'll exercise a petite bit of self control...

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