Wednesday, January 14, 2004

where in the fuck is my expensive office chair?

why am i sitting in a god damned METAL fucking folding chair???
i can't even reach the keyboard.
i am NOT wrestling that monster down the stairs again, though.
fuck that.
when hubby gets home i guess i'll put on the "i'm gonna blow your mind later so you better do what i ask" face.
should work.
although after last night, i may have lost some credibility points.

so i've decided to declare today "Post a million crappy posts" day.
but i'll probably just stop writing when i feel like it.
in fact, what the fuck am i doing?
the house is so quiet.
i want to have a bowl of popcorn and a handful of cookies and watch a movie.
but at least i can watch a movie.
my kids are sleeping.
it's 800 degrees below zero (well, if by "zero" you understand that i mean 810 degrees) outside.
and i have at least 3 movies tivo'ed that i haven't watched yet.

i wish there was a better universal name for that by the way.
i hate awkward phrasing.

also, i don't know what day it is.
i keep thinking it's monday.
it's not, though.
anyone have a guess?
yeah, it's wednesday.
it's driving me crazy, to not know what day it is.
and i don't have anyone to blame, so that sucks.

i found Downward Spiral the other day.
i hadn't even thought about how great Nine Inch Nails would be for working out.
weights, not cardio.
intenese but not fast.
i wanna fuck you like an animal, i wanna feel you from the inside
yeah, it's like that.
there's one song, Reptile, that a boyfriend once said reminded him of me.
i listened to the lyrics and was totally offended...
beautiful liar, beautiful whore that's all i can remember right now, but you get the idea...
like a typical "girl" i flew off the handle the next time i saw him...
didn't bother asking him why, or if he interpreted them differently than i did.
and HE was 5 years younger than ME.
what's up immature girl??
and of course he had some good explanation that i don't remember.
what a dumbass i was, anyway.
just cuz a guy is hot and looks older than 16 doesn't mean you should date him when you're 21.
i know, i know.
it sounds kind of strange now.
but if you've never had sex with a person who was completely forbidden, after wanting each other from a distance for months....whoa. do it. that was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life. silly long haired pot smoker joined the navy, last i heard. good for him. i was always afraid he'd be found dead in a ditch somewhere and here he is making something of himself and his green eyes. man that was a steamy affair.
nice tangent.

i am full of words, but have nothing to say.
i guess i should just quite wasting everyone's time and go watch a movie...

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