Friday, January 09, 2004

Fantasy Friday VII

closing time.
we're the only two still here.
adding up receipts, i glance up.
you're placing chairs upside down on tables.
your long black hair swaying with your graceful movements.
you feel me watching you, and turn to look.
hastily i look back down, blushing.
i've been noticing you for some time now...
wondering what it would be like to kiss you, to run my fingers through your waist length hair.
i've never been with another girl, but you make me forget that i've ever been with a man.
the sounds of your work stop.
so does my breathing, as i feel you coming closer.
you turn the music up then stand looking at me for long enough that i look up, ready to speak.
you ask if i've finished with the money, and as I gather it up for you to return to the safe...
you round the desk and kneel before me.
then you take my hand.
you've done this before.
my heart is racing.
i bite my lower lip to keep from gasping when you start unbuttoning my shirt.
you kiss my bare chest before you kiss my lips and they're as soft as i'd imagined, softer...
i whisper that i've never been with a girl.
you whisper back that that's the way you like it.
Van Morrison's Crazy Love playing in the background...
you slip your own shirt off and sit on the desk, pulling me to you.
i have never felt so much passion, so much desire for another person.
i am immersed in this moment like a fish in water, with not a thought in my head but how to please you and how to taste every inch of you before the magic spell is broken.
you are tender and strong, so different from any man i've been with.
your skin is soft and smooth...
and even though it's the end of a long day in a restaurant, you still smell--and taste--like fresh raspberries.
we make a mess of the neatly stacked bills and receipts...
we groan and laugh and moan and kiss...
and i will never look at women the same again.
or men.

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