Monday, January 12, 2004

monday bloody monday

blood: it's not just for sundays anymore.

okay. so first things first.
the handy little thing on the bottom of my blog that tells me who has linked me led me to a new blog.
and i love it.
So you should all go check out A is for Axel.
Not because I said so.
Just because it's the right thing to do.

well fuck.
it looks like all that good luck i've been having is coming back to bite me in the ass, just like i knew it would.
the 'b' key is sticking on my keyboard.
could it get any worse?
i might have to take up drinking.
ooh! or scuba diving!

last night i had a dream that i was doing a stand up act and jerry seinfeld was there, encouraging me.
double-you tee eff?? (only because i'm not comfortable with acronyms all the time...they make me squirm...)
anyway, it was kind of funny.
but not in a stand up comedy way...
then i was shooing stay cats out of my house? and putting my turtle back in its shell so it could eat a big spider i found.
and getting dressed for my first day of work at a trashy little diner, which i didn't have the address for...
you freakin wacko, lisa.

we watched Resident Evil, cuz it was on Hbo and hubby thought it might be based on the game, which it appeared to be.
it was pretty entertaining, though lame.
the funny thing was how similar parts of it were to 28 Days Later.
and if you tell me that was a sequel to Res. evil, i'll believe you.
if you're lying, i won't care.
Until I end up losing on who wants to fuck a millionaire because of that misinformation.
but don't worry.
i'll forgive you.
after i stab you in the eye and piss in your ear.

so anyway...
this is a little awkward.
i don't usually talk to you like that.
my little lovers.
i seriously think that all this carbohydrate deprivation is doing strange things to me...
i seem to be much more edgy than usual.
and yes, that's code for "bitchy."
i bought some soy flour yesterday so i can try making some really low carb cookies or bread or something, but i can't decide what i want to make.
tonight i'm making chicken and beef satays with peanut sauce.
and tomorrow lamb chops.
last night i made tomato and feta burgers that had fresh spinach and green onions and dill weed (of course, i can't say dill weed without giggling) and those were daaaamn good.
and i did a rosemary and garlic dry rub on steaks the other night.
am i making anyone else hungry??
i think i'm edging in on Heather's turf, over at Food is My Life.
although to be fair, she doesn't cover meat in her reviews, so i'm just giving equal time...or something.
anyway i'll change the subject before i start drooling.

now i can't think of anything else.

but i do need to take a shower.
and if i could remember to do an audio post, that would be fun.
but i probably won't.
remember, that is.

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