Thursday, January 01, 2004

only slightly hungover

so that's good.
better than last year.
good golly miss molly!
almost swore off the consumption of alcohol entirely.
but, you know...
that was horrible, so let's not dwell on it.

the night was great, overall.
a few snags...
one of the couples was late for our dinner reservations, so we ended up being seated over an hour after we planned...
then our waiter was fucking forrest gump.
over ten minutes before he took a drink order.
our soup came after the chef had served our rice and veggies and most of the sushi had already arrived.
two of our orders were wrong.
and our drinks were constantly empty.
whatever, no big whoop.
at least everything tasted heavenly.
i love sushi and hibachi stuff.
god bless japan!
woo hoo!
because dinner was so late, and so slow, we got to the hotel around 10:15...
and sat in the hotel lobby for 20 minutes while forrest-ette gump helped the two customers ahead of us...
and then she informed us that they were all out of keys.
what the fuck??
so she'd have to take us up to our rooms...
after she served another two customers.
as she began helping the 3rd, we all pounced on her and basically said i do NOT think so. let us into our fucking rooms.
so she did.
what an idiot the manager of that place is. to have one front desk person at a down town hotel on new year's eve.
by the time we got our bags in and had a quick drink it was after eleven.
then we drove THROUGH the First Night outdoor festivites to get to our party and ended up parking almost as far away as our hotel...
in case anyone missed the pictures--those "boots" were NOT made for walking so i have some dandy blisters today.
and THEN we had to wait in a 20 minute line for the fucking elevators.
there were 6 elevators, but they were only allowing one to go up at a time.
again, WHAT THE FUCK??
so we got in, finally.
and my single friend had already managed to pick up a cute guy while we waited in line and they spent the rest of the time making out.
so that was good.
and they only played techno, which was not what we had been led to believe, but whatever.
i mean, it's my least favorite of all kinds of music, but i was in the mood to party and if none of the previous happenings had succeeded in dampening my spirit, then it should be no surprise that that didn't either.
the greatest was when Liz and I hit the dance floor.
she in her gorgeosity and me in my selfness.
it was fun to get the overflow ogle, anyway.
men were just falling all over themselves trying to get a better look at the six pack...
so we made it just in time for the countdown, which felt all weird and too early because WE JUST FUCKING GOT HERE!
fireworks from 19 stories up are kinda cool.
so we hung out until almost 3, then headed back to the hotel.
where people chilled in our room until almost 4, at which point i was too tired to touch myself, let alone the poor neglected hubby.
oh yeah, and i guess my friend didn't read my words of wisdom the other day--and she went home with a stranger.
...she's a big girl but i still worried about her all night.

we really had a great time overall, i just had to point out all the stupid little things that happened...

and i totally spaced taking any pictures.
this should not surprise you, since i was the sole organizer and executor of my 10 year reunion this summer and didn't take even one picture of that, either.
i'm not so photographically minded.
i'm always in the thick of the action, so i don't have time to take pictures...not thinking of it either, just enjoying myself.
oh well.

so it's 2004
that's nice.
i think we should all lobby someone--god, maybe--and have the new year celebrated in, say, June...
snow sucks.

time to go nap.
hope you all had a happy and safe evening.
beer, kids, it's all about the beer.
i ordered two jack and cokes, and regretted it before my mouth closed.
suger, sugar, sugar.
why the fuck did i spell sugar with an 'e'?


good night.

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