Tuesday, January 27, 2004

today is a new day

at least for those of us who aren't experiencing it for the second time, through time travel, etc.

i am literally drowning in movies right now.
we have 3 or 4 new ones on dvd, and there are 6 or 8 on the dish that i recorded and we haven't watched.
at least i remembered to refer to it as recording...
usually i say "i taped a show..."
what's up 80's child.

remind me to look for a record player will ya?
one of my best friends has a bunch of records and no player.
she wants one, and she does so many nice things for me, like say--MOVING BACK FROM OHIO!!
okay, so it wasn't for me, but it's given my life meaning again...
more like, it's given my babysitter a steady income again.
so anyway, i'll check ebay and--if i ever get to go shopping during the day without the kids--some antique stores.
hey, they carry non-antiques, too.
like this kick ass fisher price cash register that is IDENTICAL to the one i had as a child...

got it for my kids at an antique store....

i'm not THAT old, bite me.

so...if i can get my ass into the shower, well, hopefully the rest of body will follow, cuz that would be a little difficult...
anyway, if i can do the aforementioned, then i'll take my kids to wally world.
this is actually a huge thrill for them, so don't make fun of me.
they're very excited.
in fact, they're almost as into it as Boz.
and usually they end up driving me to the point of pulling out my hair from the effort of not beating them senseless.
but today i only have 5 things on my list.
so they should make it....
and we always make the rounds: fire exits, fish tanks, shovels and ceiling fans.
i still have no freaking clule how they learned WHAT a fire exit is, and why the hell they're obsessed with them.
but it's damn cute.
my kids are wackos.
but in the good way.
the ladies at the gym day care are convinced that they're going to be scientific geniuses who invent something to revolutionize life as we know it.
i tend to agree.
either that or professional criminals...

have a great day.
or a shitty one, really, it's up to you...
and the moody gods of the realm...

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