Friday, January 16, 2004

Fantasy Friday VIII--Sweet Hitchhiker

where to? i ask, as you slide into the seat next to me.
as far south as you're going. you say softly, without looking at me.
you slide your guitar case over the seat and settle your back pack under your feet.
cowboy hat perched on your lap, i assume you're a country boy.
we drive in silence for a few minutes, as i begin to doubt myself for picking up a hitchhiker.
i am driving 5 hours south, but i don't want to be tied to you just i don't tell you.
i offer you a smoke and we roll down our windows.
you like my music, i ask you about the guitar.
you're headed to hollywood.
going to be a rockstar.
i turn and get a look at your face.
yeah, it could happen.
if you have the talent...
you sure have the look.

I put the top down, the dust and hot wind blow around us, but we are calm, unaffected in the safe harbor of my saab.
the music gets louder, the sun gets hotter.
i stop for gas and you ask how much further i'll be going.
you look startled, then smile, nod slowly and head inside while i pump.
i've decided you can ride the whole way.
you're quiet but beautiful.
and this long dull ride has taken a turn for the better...

i meet you, as you're heading back out.
you tell me you've already paid, and hand me a popsicle.
i get that feeling--that flicker of heat, that trickle of lightening--when you touch my hand.
i scold myself for a moment.
he's a kid.
then the devil on my other shoulder chimes in, a hot kid...

with a glance, i see that you need what i need.
instead of getting back on the freeway, i head off into the desert.
this nowhere town will not remember us, or the others like us who have stopped for gas...
and been overwhelmed by lust.
a desserted ranch road gives us some shelter...
i leave the top down, the music up and take my shirt off.
you pounce like a cat on his prey...
coming together like two pieces of a complex puzzle we have given in to that primal desire to populate a new earth which is within us all.
you intoxicate me with your touch, the sheer thrill of this dangerous act heightening all my senses.
the frantic, crazed kisses turn tender and soft, as my orgasm fades and yours is yet to come.
looking into your eyes i feel a sadness wash over me and i lean down to kiss your neck to keep from crying.
just 19, with the whole world ahead...
you're full of hope, full of fears and i yearn to pour my wisdom into you so you will be grounded but i see your future, and you're on a stage in front of thousands of people and i smile again...
with your hat on my head and my dark curls falling over my shoulders, you look up at me and smile back.
you call out in rapture and we collapse together, laughing at the beauty of life and the road ahead.

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