Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Two for Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday.
Tuesday's Gone.
Church on Tuesday.
Tuesday Afternoon.
Tuesday Heartbreak.

So, yeah.
I guess it's Tuesday and shit.
Did you get that memo?

something happened yesterday that made me giggle.
and i didn't even leave my house.
the doorbell rang.
i could see the form of a tall man, and i thought, "don't know him, not opening the door."
and no, it's not because i'm afraid of strangers.
it's because i hate saying no to door to door salesmen--but not as much as i hate saying yes.
especially on cold days.
so, he stood there and stood there and finally i said, aw fuck it, i'll open the door.
so i open the door and he launches into his spiel.
just as he's about to say what he's selling, i glance at the canvas bag he's carrying.
upon reading the words, i am filled with a spurt of mischevious joy.
i smile and say, "Hell no! Thanks!" and cheerfully close the door.
was he selling mary kay?
or a hair curling set?
or power tools? (no, not the wink wink kind)
or perhaps a magazine subscription?
i don't need any of those things, but it wouldn't fill me with quite that much satisfaction to say no to those salesmen.
The bag read, "Living Scriptures".
Now...i don't actually know what they are, but i've seen the kiosks in the mall, and i'm pretty sure it's a set of cartoon videos, depicting stories from the Bible and of course, let's not forget, The Book of Mormon.
so you can see why i might be thrilled to say no.
i didn't even plan to swear, for effect or whatever....
that was just how i felt.
i'll find a link.
just for shits and giggles...Living Scriptures

so anyway, that made my day.

but then i got some lame ass news.
(lots of boring personal crap, feel free to tune out. i just need to vent...)
my husband's ex has their 7 year old son.
so she got married a few years ago, but she's getting divorced now.
because her marriage didn't work out, we're going to pay the price.
we HAD a verbal agreement that was working fine for all of us.
that kid had everything he needed and thensome, even though they have no money.
but, the actual cash amount we were giving her was much lower than my husband's income would generate from one of those state calculator thingies...
so of course the bitch is going to recovery services.
instead of being civil and coming to us and asking.
we'd give her more.
we'd do all sorts of nice things for her.
if she'd ask.
it'll only be another $300-400 a month, and that's not a huge deal...
although it could be more, cuz that's just what she said, based on a guess of his salary.
i don't think she knows how much he really earns...
now my husband wants to get custody.
cuz....knowing her track record, she's bound to have guys in and out of there like a jiffy lube.
and i'm all for having custody, but getting custody is a different story...
the court thing will not be any fun.

remember when i said my life is so perfect right now, it's gotta be time for something bad to happen?
well, this could end up being pretty bad, but if this is all life's going to throw at us, we'll make it.
this girl is evil, by the way.
she's the type who would not bat an eye at telling her son that his father hates him and i don't want him and whatever else she can think of to make him not want to come live with us.
she's coniving, but not very smart.
and don't get me started on the, "what the fuck was my husband doing with a chick like that in the first place??" rant.
the bottom line there is they were young and she was a nympho.
i still just wanna smack him for being so sex-driven, though.
i just deleted a huge rant i went off on, detailing all of her past transgressions and permanent faults.
you don't need to smell my dirty laundry...seeing it is enough.

so i hope you're all having a fantastic tuesday.
and i think i'll make this a two for tuesday.
with a less depressing post a little later.

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