Sunday, January 18, 2004

go patriots!

i don't actually disklike football...
but i don't really have the attention span for it.
with all the stopping and starting...
and the fact that it last 74 hours per game...
but when i'm forced, i manage to enjoy it, and even get a into it.
and i feel the need to be a little loyal to the pats, cuz i'm from new england.
so that's nice.
good work, boys.
i'm glad my job doesn't require me to run around in the snow getting chased by 300 pound-men.
although i wouldn't mind the pay raise...

so i was watching a little Daria, on Noggin.
and i need to mention the raging crush i have on Trent.
he's the cartoon man of my dreams.

party last night.
lots of fun.
my friend's little brothers came, and their friend.
i saw him a few days ago at the gym.
thought he was a girl, from the back.
wasit length dark hair.
small frame.
plain looking girl...
then he turned around.
so i told my friend.
she was delighted to inform me that he is the cousin of a long haired blond i had checked out at the gym once.
I'm such a lesbo.

I cheated on my diet at the party.
just a little.
but i feel stupid anyway.
and i mooched a can of bud light, then discovered WE had bottles of it.
canned beer?
oh well.
s'all good.

i'm going to buy a tanning pass tomorrow.
i know...
i'm really ashamed to admit it.
but i look so much better tanned...
so fuck you.
and yes, i'll take pictures.
no, not of me, tanning nekid.
no, not of my tan lines.
of the finished result.
that is, if i ever GET tan.
it's not a quick process for ole irish semi-red heads.

i'm feeling rather uncreative today.
maybe i should take down the two remaining x-mas decorations i overlooked.
or start cooking dinner.
or answer some emails.
what i'd really like is to get laid.
too many kids around.
maybe later.
when i'm too tired to do anything wild.
oh well.

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