Monday, January 19, 2004

ready set go

i'm going to delve into the deepest folds of my soggy old brain and puke out words until something interesting lands on the paper.
gonna wiggle into my scuba gear, cuz it's deep.
here goes nothing....

i am so unimaginative lately.
welcome to Rutville Utah.
it's just south of Borington.
and a little east of Vanilla City.
We have everything a person needs to survive, but none of the frills.
we offer no pretty little shopping districts, or gourmet restaurants.
there are no young people, no old.
everything is flat, brown, gray.
no one dreams at night.
everything tastes like sand, smells like chalk.
the wind never blows, the sun never really shines.
it's always just lurking behind the clouds--which never release rain.
we have no library, no museums.
we have no roads in or out.
if you want out, you gotta tunnel your way under the barbed wire fence.
with a spoon, or your fingers.
and when you get to the other side, it's a 400 mile walk through wilderness to the nearest gas station, pay phone...sunny sky.
there's no road, no signs, no landmarks.
you have only your gut feeling to lead you to the world of full color, vibrance.
the world of shapes and sounds and smells and textures.
but it's only a myth.
no one has ever come back from an escape attempt, so no one knows if there is a real world out there.
most are not even interested in leaving their gray womb.
but i am.
i belong in sunny meadows and warm lakes.
i need to run and dance and sing and leap.
i am haunted by dreams of a world with green hills and forests and soft winds and pelting rain.
i could fly if i found such a world.
i know it.

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