Wednesday, January 14, 2004

okay today really is a million crappy posts day

but i just remembered something funny that happened the other day.
or depressing, depending on you feel about getting old....
i was driving our cute little 14 year old babysitter home and she was telling me about a fire in her step dad's workshop.
her cat had just had kittens and they were killed, it was really sad. i love cats.
anyway, she said, "he had some of those disc things that are big and black...they melted all over the box where the kittens were..."
those disc things that are big and black.
let me repeat that, in large bold letters:
so, yeah.
generation gaps are cooler than The Gap gaps.

and also, just a note, today is my boys' 6 month birthday.
i've been trying to explain to them lately that they're different because they share a birthday but they don't give a shit.
which reminds me...
when i picked them up from the playroom at the gym yesterday one of the ladies who works there asked me how the potty training is going.
i told her that twin b is doing great with it but twin a says--and i flipped her the bird.
she burst into shocked laughter and i apologized.
she brushed it off, saying she hadn't pegged me as the type to do something like that, still smiling.
she's cool.
remember i'm in Fucking Osmondville, here.
but i liked that she didn't have me pegged as the type to throw around the fuck work like a waterballoon in july.
i guess i still look all wholesome and sweet.
fuck that.
i need to get my next tatoo in a more visible place.
and it will be of a tall and proud middle finger.

kay that's all.
no more crappy posts today, i promise.
well, not really.
i do whatever the hell suits my fancy.
i'm going to go make a fucking cheesecake though!! thanks to my favorite rock star, Johnny Squire!!

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