Sunday, January 04, 2004

queen of pms

crown me, baby, i earned it!!
i have now officially gotten teary-eyed over: a friends episode, Duets, and Big Fat Greek Wedding--the funny parts. yeah, i choked up over the tenderness of her embarassment of her family.


but at least i tivo'ed Best in Show, so hubby can finally see it.
that movie is a little bit funny.
just a tiny bit.
it'll probably make me cry, though.

and here's the deal, folks:
no resolutions for me (cuz then i can't fail) but i am getting back into the gym scene with a vengeance.
that's right, mother fuckers, i'm going to tear that place apart.
and i'm going to eat nothing but protein and vegetables.

but don't even fucking think about holding me to it.
i'll fuck you up good.
...err...not that i would even begin to know how to do that, but it sounds tough.

ooh! and bro in law bought P.O.D./ Linkin Park tickets last night.
feb 10.
that's a good short term goal.
i'm dropping one pants size by then.
and another by march 13, las vegas/metallica.

must be rail.
must reach maximum hottness potential.
and i'm not cutting my hair, like, ever again.

okay, fine, so maybe those were semi-resolutions.
but i'm warning you--ask me how it's going and i'll track you down and spit in your ear--or give you so many hickies you'll be taken to a battered spouse clinic.
so watch it.

also, don't miss out on the poetic little blurb from earlier.
that came outta nowhere!

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