Tuesday, January 06, 2004

like the lights at a night football game going on...

i figured it out.
how could i not know?

god it feels so good to have it wrapped around me again...
kay, so we all know i'm lazier than a sloth or a cat or pretty much anything or anyone else on this earth.
but still.
i've been NOT listening to music because:
1) my laptop's speakers sound like tin,
2) my good speakers don't fit on this desk, so they're stuck on top of the cabinet which is too high to hear them properly, and (drum roll, please)
3) my headphones are....plugged into my mp3 player, tucked into the cabinet mere inches from my head. (in other words, i'd have to stand up and unwind them. who has the time??)

god i'm embarassed.
why didn't anyone slap me across the face with a nice clean back hand of, "listen to some god damn music!!"
i mean really.
i've been dying inside...
okay, not quite, but jeez.

i pulled out the headphones so i could catch up on Ryan's audio posts, which i've been too lazy to listen to for the past 3 or 4 posts.
something about windows media player looked a bit familiar, somthing stirred inside...
and since i was feeling too lazy to remove the headphones...well, after a few minutes the thought occured to me. hey, i could listen to some of that music stuff.

i'm just glad i can laugh at myself.
cuz i wouldn't want to be the only one in the whole world NOT enjoying my retardation.

it is rather enjoyable to watch others be stupid, though, isn't it?
I mean, not in that annoying way...like, the idiot customer or the bad driver or one of the other people we hate for their stupidity.
i'm talking about the kind of stupidity that we get drunk for the express purpose of revelling in--doing stupid things ourselves, watching our friends do/say/think/wear/eat stupid things.
so that's me.
stupid as a drunk, dead sober.
fuckin' A.

nothing quite compares to loud music in a quiet house.
napping kids.
only a few thousand things to do instead of the usual million.
just gonna sink into it.

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