Monday, January 05, 2004

somewhere over the rainbow

is lots of blue sky.
i mean, come on people--what else would there be??
rainbows are cool, and i have no frigging clue why i spewed that out.
of course, i have no clue why i write 98% of the things i write.
they just fall out of my cluttered head and if they end up coherant, it's somewhat of a miracle.

i heard i really great pickup line the other night, but i forgot.
hazards of drinking...
don't you love it when people bring things up that they're not willing to follow through on?
like, ooh, i heard the funniest joke...but i a)forgot the punchline or b) can't tell it here
some people.

i think the pms fairy has moved on to a new client/victim.
thank isis.
that's my new god, by the way.
not that i won't profane up a storm anyway, but i like her.
she kicks ass.
okay, so i've been watching too much i love the 70's on vh1...
i'd like to attribute it to my intense study of mythology and the stars and...
aw, fuck off.

so i think i might try writing a play.
who knows.
but it's one more thing to add to my list of shit to do that i'll probably never start and definitely never finish.
that's one long mother fucking list!
i'm thinking a sexual comedy starring at least one midget, a girls track coach and a tulip farmer.
lots of monologues and bad jokes...
yes! i see it all now!
opening night at the salt lake opera house...
everyone in tails, but no pants, the women in chaps and body glitter...

okay, trying to do way too many things at once.
more later.

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