Monday, January 26, 2004

it's a sickness...

my obsession with this damned blog.
i think it may require drastic measures...
like turning OFF the puter.
i'm not sure if i remember how, though.
something about the "start" button...?
but that couldn't be right...
well, so much for that idea.

why are there ALWAYS dishes to be washed?

i think the sun is shining...
but to be honest, i haven't lifted a single blind to check.
before the kids were big enough to fuck with the blinds, i used to open them a bit to let in the light.
but now i live in fear of drawing attention to the blinds, bringing on a lengthy frustrating battle of "touch it again and you're in--okay, you're in time out."
i'm sure all you folks with one or zero children are sitting back smugly, thinking of all the things i should do differently.
and you're right, i should.
but what you don't realize, and won't until you're knee deep in toddlers, is that it's exponentially harder than you thought.
or maybe i'm just a huge mother fucking whiner who wasn't really cut out for this gig.
either way.

but don't forget, they're so cute and lovable, it balances out okay.
i just don't talk about that part cuz it's too sappy and boring--and bitching is way more fun.

i've spent all morning reading about a breakup of two little bloggers whose sites i love reading.
it's sad.
love is such a necessary evil, innit?
when you have it sometimes you forget to appreciate it, or you feel restless or not quite sure.
but when it's gone...
oh what you wouldn't give to have the touch of one who knows everything.
you ache to sit home on a friday night watching a movie in comfortable clothes instead of strutting your stuff at the meat market wishing to meet someone of substance...
life's not fair, and love is even worse than that.
it's a tricky, coniving little bastard that fucks with you in more ways than a german hooker.
best of luck to them both.

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