Tuesday, January 13, 2004

fog banks as far as the eye can see...

just came up with that.
and i'm chuckling.
or something similar, at least.
eh, whatever.

tomorrow is day 7 and i'm down by 5 pounds.
go atkins!

i have shredded two wooden spoons with my blender in the past month.
am i that moronic??
how is it possible that i didn't learn my lesson??
so i spent twenty minutes picking shards of wood out of the strawberry ice cream i was mixing...
froze my fingers to the point of frostbite.
and still got a sliver in my greedy little tongue.
i know.
i should have just chucked it.
but it tasted soooooooo good.
and at only 3g of carbs for 3/4 cup...
hell yeah.
i still ended yesterday way under the limit.
my sister in law who has a nutrition degree asked hubby how it was going.
he told her i've been averaging 12-13g of carbs a day.
she said, "is she crabby?"
so it's good to know it actually is a common symptom of a super low carb diet.
...and not just the bitch in me gaining ground.

guess what the fabulous Mr. Bored bought yesterday?
just guess.
nope, that's not it.
no, not that either.
are you kidding?? we already have two of those.
okay, i'll tell you.
a DVD burner.
i'm still shuddering from the multiple it gave me when he told me.
we've burned a couple already.
and they're perfect.
we're ONLY going to use it to back up our kids' movies so that when they scratch them into skip-dom we'll be covered.
i would never use this to copy borrowed or--gasp--rented movies.
that would just be wrong.
like two girls kissing or something.

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