Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Happy tuesday, kiddos!

Yes, that's right...it's braless tuesday again. Posted by Hello

i just wrote half a post.
and deleted it.
god DAMN that was shit.
there was whining about being a girl,
and a strange sort of rambling, boring excitement over my 40GB ipoddy thing.

I'm just glad i'm here.
or not there.
or something.

one of the twinners is under my bed...
trying to coax/wrangle the cat out from under it.
in order to abscond with it, but only cuz i love that word.
really what he wants to do is take the cat into a big old rubbermaid tote thingy and close the lid.
i don't know WHAT he does in there, but apparently it's a lot of fun.
for the kid.
...not the cat.

remind me to call Didamo to see if she wants to do go to my favorite lunch spot tomorrow.
(i'm not going to call her Didamo in public, though. ha ha--i know her real name and you don't!! suckers.)
this place...
is one of those "make it fresh while you watch" mexican places...
oh yum.
it's the best of them all, in my opinion.
their buritos are ENORMOUS.
easily enough to feed 6.
okay, really more like 2.
but i don't recommend sharing...
especially if you go with someone whose cooties you're afraid of.
i guess it might be a good policy to not go to lunch with someone whose cooties you're afraid of...
but, still.
they warm up well.

oh, and back to my new gym companion.
i'm so in love.
it'll be here by the end of the week...
and it was half the price of an ipod.
so i hope i don't regret going with a different brand...
but for now, i'm just excited for the affect this will have on my workout.
if anyone has great workout songs, please dropload them to me!!

i'm off.
like a prom dress.

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