Monday, November 08, 2004

just lost a post

fuck it.

i won't even bitch about it, this time.
i'll re-examine the sky, though.
and try to put better into words how it looks,
and how it's appearance makes me feel.
and what i have to remember to do today.
the window guys are coming, the window guys are coming.
i'm going to.
i can just tell already.
but, oh well.
they'll knock--
then i'll know they're coming.

hubby's off on his first business trip of the new job.
just one night, so i should be okay.
but--for the record--i'm not thrilled about this aspect of the glorious grand new job.
this aspect can go fuck itself.
i like jobs where my husband gets to be with ME for lots and lots of time.
i guess i could attempt to log some hours on the novel tonight.
perhaps i'm not meant to be a novelist.
i don't think i have the attention span for it.
for example, i already forgot to describe the sky.
it's just that it's full of rolling, thick rain clouds--
just through the middle.
if i look straight up, there is blue.
and at the horizon, there is blue poking through in a couple of spots.
i should have been a meteorologist.
i love weather...
but only for its artistic value.
so maybe i should be a meteor-aestheticist?

and now, i've taken enough time in getting back to this,
that the sky has cleared further.
which is a good thing because the window guys will be removing a couple of windows.

okay. that's enough rambling for now.
more later.


i did NOT forget that the window guys were coming.
i did, however, put off showering until 20 minutes before the appointment.
and they showed up 20 minutes early.
no, no--nothing steamy.
i was just still in my pj's, literally walking to the bathroom,
when the doorbell rang.
hottie, of course.
and my kids apparently agreed, cuz one of them said:
he's my favorite guy!
and then they kept telling him to take off his shoes so he wouldn't get our carpet dirty...
i laughed and explained that the carpets had been cleaned last week so my kids were being obsessive and it was really not a problem.
poor guy.

and that's all.
comment, fuckers.

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