Friday, November 26, 2004

sometimes my fingers move

without my brain bothering to interfere.
it's cool.
but scary.
my cousin completed Nanowrimo.
she's awesome!!!
i'm so excited for her and proud of her and all that good stuff.
i am also reminded of how lame i am for flunking out so completely this year.
oh well.
i finished once.
and that's what i'll cling to...

dinner then beers at a friend's house. drool over their new 61" television.
i think they're cool, but i don't really want one.
i'd rather go on a vacation.
or buy clothes.
or get a boob job.
or a hot tub.
we'll probably get one sometime, cuz the husband(read:earner) wants one.
as long as i get to furnish my new house according to my tastes, we'll be even.
we put an offer on something...
but i doubt it'll happen.
they already have another offer and we're never going to sell our house.

and i have this vague feeling that i should have something important or interesting to say...
but i can't put my finger on it.
had a great conversation today, with my favorite.
...okay, so all the conversations are great.
but sometimes more than others or whatever.


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