Wednesday, November 03, 2004

i tried emailing a post, but it didn't work

Because blogger doesn't seem to like me today.
(not that I can blame it.)
I'm kind of a bitch.

Our house is officially FOR SALE.
Come buy it.
It doesn't suck.
That's what the sign says, at least.
No, but we did go to two other houses with the same floor plan in the neighborhood which are for sale--
Scoping the competition, etc.
And it's looking good.
One of them looked like someone's allergic reaction to martha stewart.
The other had no grass, just patchy weeds.

So after the quick home tour, we went to do our civic duty.
We voted.
It is always kind of a thrill to vote...
Even if I live in a state where a democratic vote for president would have made no difference.
I hope that doesn't give away what I did.
Cuz I hate talking about politics, so I refuse to do so.
Don't bother asking, I'll just ignore you.
Hm, that sounds misleading.
I didn't vote a straight republican ticket, however.
And the reason for that is that I live in utah.
And I think this place could use a little balance.
I care what happens, but I don't believe that discussing it with other peons will do me any good.
If I were granted an audience with the president himself, I would collect my thoughts and--
Aw, hell. Who am I kidding?
I'd blow him.

Where was i?
Aw, who cares.
But I am running extremely late.
This post is pretty lame.
So check back...
Maybe a picture, maybe an audio.

Maybe a big fat FUCK YOU.
Ya just never know with me.

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