Saturday, November 27, 2004

i wear my sunglasses at night

but it's not "so i can see".
i do it for a different reason...
a darker, more siniter one.
no, scratch the "sinister" part.
just darker.

i think i'm funny.
so does the homeless guy on the corner.
but then, he thinks toenail clippings are art,
and breathmints are lunch.
i guess it's back to just a fanclub of one.
oh well.

it's strange when it's so quiet,
and when i'm not around to notice.

i had a great workout today.
and it's snowing--
the first real snow.
i'm trying to convince one of my best friends from high school to move here.
she's been living in florida since graduation,
but she needs a change.
and it would be REALLLLLY fun!!
if she asks, don't tell her it snows here.
i figure it'll be a little surprise, and it'll be too late for her to back out...
okay, fine.
she knows it snows.

it was a full moon yesterday.
so i was restless and antsy and wild-eyed.
had fun watching a matrix movie on the gi-normous tv with our friends, though.

this snow is making me want to start and finish my christmas shopping.
to go skiing.
to go sledding with the kids.
to stay off the roads because people here drive like SHIT in the snow.
to buy some new boots.
i never said this was going to be a good post.
bite me.
i did stand in the gently falling snow,
watching my son make snowballs,
and tip my head back, open my mouth and taste some snow.
it was a lovely moment.
he was sooooo cute in the snow, too...
the other twinlet was sleeping, so it was a rare one-on-one time.
VERY fun.

and now i feel crabby again.
go fuck yourselves.
or take a flying leap.
or piss up a rope.
or piss into the wind.
but mostly?
leave me the fuck alone.
--i'm hibernating.

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