Saturday, November 20, 2004

i composed a post in my head, while riding in the car

but of course i can't remember what it was about, now.
something about my day, probably.

and i just wrote it, but it was so boring that i actually hit the delete key--
it was THAT bad.
something interesting might have happened today.
involving a volvo and a vulva and a valium.
not really.
but wouldn't it be pretentiously, pervasively, perfuctorily pernicious?
i'm not on drugs--why do you ask?

i'm trying hard to avoid the movie which is being shown in my bedroom right now.
i'm also in my bedroom, for the record.
and my husband thought it would be fun to check out "The Day After Tomorrow".
...i wonder if the title refers to when the violent seizures and vomiting will stop?
this movie looked so terrible from the previews that i have made fun of anyone who voluntarily paid money to see it--and didn't leave halfway through.
oh well.
it'll be a good excuse to go take a bath.
now i wish i would have bought that new bath pillow thingy.
i have one, but it's not enough.
and i have no book to read.
maybe i'll just stay here and catch up on my blog reading.

they had been walking along the cliff's edge, enjoying a sunset,
when a bank of clouds rolled in and began dumping buckets of water across the shore.
they ran to their car, but did not avoid becoming drenched.
laughing, they tumbled into the backseat together
and smiled at each other in the muffled machine gun fire of rain against the slowly steaming windows.
she giggled and dove for him.
he clawed at her wet clothes, peeling and prying--
feeling victorious at their removal.
she sat back and let his gaze be filled with her white skin,
nearly glowing in the dark car.
he caught his breath and opened his mouth, leaning forward.
she shook her head slightly and scooted back,
now leaning against the door.
her legs spread, her eyes fixed on his.
you...he shook his head and sighed--with a smile.
she slid her hand slowly down from the nipple it was teasing
to her hot, hairless pussy.
her fingers rubbed expertly in a slow rhythm
as she watched him struggle out of his clothes.
they could smell the rain, and feel its rhythm.
she offered him her wet fingers
and he sucked on them as he slid into her smoothly
they fit together like a well crafted puzzle.
she sighed at the same time a shiver went through her,
and it made her giggle--
she was content and on fire, at the same time.
his body moved with hers in the most perfect choreography
and they breathed each other in.
he looked in her eyes and mouthed the words, "I love you"
she arched into him in reply, her eyes telling him what her mouth didn't need to.
she pulled his face to hers and kissed him, hard.
every last inch of his body was hers to worship and she couldn't stop exploring it.
as the rhythm picked up and the exhilaration filled them both,
she sunk her nails into him and her moan turned to a wail.
he shot into her with a force and she contracted around him,
their bodies so in tune...
they rested in a sweaty tangle of limbs and discarded clothing,
listening to the rain beat against the windows and roof of the car.

and then the man with a hook for a hand smashed their window and gutted them both.

(that last part was purely for the sake of silliness--and because of a comment i got once from one of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Skim Milk himself...i believe it was something like, "that was a nice story. i was just waiting for her to chop his head off.")

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