Friday, November 19, 2004

Fantasy Friday #49

you would think that this means it's been almost a year since my first fantasy post...
well, I would think that, at least.
or i do.
my point is--
i'm a bit further from a one year anniversary than it seems.
i've done double posts a few times, and i only count by total number of fantasy posts...
so i'll look that date up, and start planning a celebration for the actual one-year anniversary.
i PROMISE i'll make it fun and exciting--
unless i forget.
in which case, all promises are void.


i'm not really in the mood to write this today...
so i'm digging into the archives of half-finished stories--

story removed

sorry kids.
like i said, not really in the mood.
oh well...
there are plenty of others out there where you can get that!! :)
(p.s. I looked up the date, and the first fantasy was posted november 22 or so...)

have a happy weekend--

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