Monday, November 29, 2004

as much as i love eating too much...

i really hate eating too much.
we had an impromptu thanksgiving yesterday with my husband's family,
and i stayed true to the tradition of the holiday and ate til i was green.
oh well.
double time at the gym this week, right?

yesterday was one of those dreamy days, though...
lots of sex, lots of sleep, a bath, 2 showers and it all ended with a great meal, cooked by someone else.
purely blissful.

the weekend itself had its ups and downs
and it's been as cold as a witch's tit.
(yes, that's a technical term.)
but all in all, it's a wonderful life.
...a movie i've never seen, by the way.
and i really have no desire to, but--
that reminded me!!!
i had a dream last night...
about a visit to a psychotic cult...
i think Didamo was there--
and i don't think we need to look very far to see the symbolism there!!
mormons=psychotic cult.

i can't think of a damned thing to say. if that wasn't glaringly apparent from the rest of this post!
i need some new music.
and a full-time personal trainer.
someone to kick my ass GOOD for the next few weeks.
MAYBE--i'll get my courage up and call my old trainer dude.
that guy is evil, in the best way.
he used to kick our asses so soundly that we couldn't walk right for the whole time we knew him.
he played professional football in the 70's and coached college ball for a while after that.
he's a bit rough around the edges, runs a gym out of his house,
he's incredible.
i'm actually a little afraid to call him...
i was completely out of shape, when i started going there.
so he went easy on me...
i'm in pretty good shape, now.
he'll run me through a wringer...
which is what i want.
but it's still sorta scary.


that's enough of that drivel.
i'll put us all out of our misery and stop here.
hopefully i'll snap out of this later.
and if not, then i'll just change the name of this to "The boring and lumpy housewife"
or you could go fuck yourselves.
(yes this is my new sign off line...)

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