Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Don't let me forget that it's braless tuesday

i haven't done very well with keeping up that tradtion, have I?
it doesn't help that i haven't had any HELP from you fuckers.
that's right, the resident narcissist would like to invite anyone else to send pictures of their bralessness--
to be posted here.
as proof, or whatever.
sometimes i want to quote Shakespeare, but instead i quote jim carrey.
it's a sad world.
don't ask me where that came from,
because i realize it was completely a non sequitur.
and i don't give a shit.
i really don't.

but i do love popcorn.
another non sequitur?
i'm enjoying a bowl of the buttery good stuff right now.

also, thanks to a stupid dead spot on the freeway,
you guys are missing out on a FANTASTIC audio post done by me and Becky.
it was so good, i nearly cried.
...or was that died?
eh, maybe it was flied.
only that's not a word...
but i won't tell if you won't.
(hm, that sounds like something michael jackson would say...)
which reminds me of the lost audio post.
it was awesome.
the jist of it--
nay, the inspiration for it--
was becky hurting herself on a box of eggs
(which i buy by the 800pack to make it easier for my kids to destroy my house)
and she yelled, "OW! son of a bitch!!"
this was in the parking lot of our local grocery store.
(just a reminder--we live in the mormonist part of utah)
some guys walking by, laughed.
she said, 'sorry!'
they said, 'oh, no--it's great to hear someone swear around here!'
she said, 'ain't that the fucking truth?'
and two girls walking by said, jovially, 'and fuck you, too!'
then i said something else with the word "fuck" in it, but for the life of me i cannot remember what it was.
i am certain it was witty and clever,
and you can't disagree cuz YOU WEREN'T THERE.
so ha.
anyway, the audio post was waaaaay better.
we had so much fun just hanging out.
we had some good laughs--
which are good for the soul.
and the sole.
and the Seoul airport.

oh, there's a good reason why i haven't posted any pictures lately.
and that is this:
my husband built me a new computer.
and it doesn't have the FTP program on here anymore,
the one i used to upload to his server and html tag the image files to appear here.
yes, i'm still speaking english.
--or to those of you who got it: shut up, close enough.
i might get around to reinstalling the program at some point.
but today i installed a new browser.
Mozilla Firefox.
it's hot shit.
but my sidebar looks funny.
and so do YOU.
(i mean seriously...quit picking your nose.)

oh guess what's funny!!
i was bitching about the absence of two of my blogger buddies yesterday.
and i joking said, 'maybe they're together.'
they weren't actually together,
but they were both missing in action because of the same issue--
internet mishaps.
Didamo has been fighting with her ISP all week,
while Chaz was able to beat his into submission with a baseball bat and his mean face
(i've seen it...SCARE-EE)
so, he'll be back in action shortly,
but she's still floundering around, internet-less.
i'll have to invite her over for a quick make out session to use my computer.

think chilly thoughts (see: braless tuesday)
and send me proof!!!
let's celebrate in style, ladies!
(and gents)
have a happier tuesday and buy yourself (or someone you love) a new thong.

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