Tuesday, November 23, 2004

am i awake yet?

but my ears are ringing and my neck hurts.
(said with a big, cheesy grin)
yesterday was a nearly perfect day from start to finish.
while the kids were at school,
i went to the track, at the high school which is about a block away.
i ran and ran and ran--
the sun on my face felt like summer, but
the cold air bit at my arms, and made my throat raw--
while giving the burn in my lungs a cool edge.
i ran back home and sat on the chilly front porch with my water,
cooling down--
i love how hot the house feels after running in the cold.
and then i popped in my pilates dvd--
i love the relaxing workout it offers.
i followed this with a lovely shower and chose casual, comfortable clothes...
FINALLY learning from my past mistakes of concert dressing.

the point is, i felt alive and wonderful, but i then skipped a vital step...
i forgot to have dinner.
i had been thrashing around wildly to godsmack and for the first half of metallica.
and then, i crashed.
i probably looked like i had drunk too much or smoked too much or something,
but i had done nothing.
i should have had a beer--
the calories would have been good.
oh well.
it was a GREAT show, all around
and we went with great friends.
sometimes i have a lot to say that i can't figure out how to say.
so instead i'll just mention the big blue eyes and the sweet youth in the face framed by blond dreadlocks...
haunting, really.
and there was a girl i could see across the way.
and she had gorgeous tits.
and the one brother o'husband brought his newish girlfriend.
she made a better impression this time...
kept telling me how much she loved my hair, but i forgot to tell her i would gladly trade her--
she has that perfect color of blond hair, straight, longish.
we all want what we dont' have, eh?
and have i mentioned my neck is killing me???
i did a bit of headbanging...
which, in combination with the humidity caused by sweating bodies, is disastrous to hair like mine.
not a problem.
hubby said i looked hot, so that's all i needed to hear.
doesn't matter if i looked good, in general.

and now i'm sick of this post
so i'm going to go.
if you're a WOMAN take off your bra.
and send me a picture, dammit.

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