Saturday, November 20, 2004

let's pretend that whiney post never happened

you know...the one time i played strip poker it went a little something like this....

the day started with a bet.
well, more like a deal:
he would let me drive his 77 Camaro if i would drive to the next county to buy him some beer
(no beer on sundays down in byu-ville).
hell yeah, i said.
he was a cook, i was a waitress.
he was a beautiful hippie type.
i was me.
so i drove, like the wind, you might say.
anticipation skimming through my veins.
I got back just as his shift ended.
We tossed the case of bud light in the trunk and headed for the back roads--
so I could open 'er up.
As old and semi-junky as that car was, it flew.
So we headed back to his place.
We were in his room, drinking the beer, playing cards.
I suggested strip poker, but when it came time to remove the bra...
well, shy girl held a blanket in front of her, so he followed suit.
Well, next it was on to a game of truth or dare.
He dared me to give him a massage from ankle to ankle...
once again shy girl skipped the important part...
but would get to it later.
After the first kiss.
We had some wild sex that night.
As soon as it was over we agreed that it meant nothing.
Of course, that didn’t stop us from engaging in similar activities on other occasions.
And a couple of years later he introduced me to my husband.
Needless to say, he didn’t get invited to the wedding.

true story.

And here's a great cause, which a fellow blogger is supporting--
Cure Autism Now
The proceeds will go to further the search for causes and cures for autism.
Autism is a devastating disease affected over 1.5 American children
and their families. 1 in every 250 children is newly diagnosed with

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