Friday, November 12, 2004

Fantasy Friday #48

I used to use roman numerals--
that was my thin attempt at adding a sense of formality and civility to this day...
we all know that's about as possible as a trip to the moon for all of us.

so anyway.

Room Service--

We were alone in a large hotel room
you were on a business trip
not expecting me
i showed up, wearing a long dress...tall boots
knock on the door
your first reaction was annoyance
in just your jeans, you answered the door
in that moment...
we both stopped breathing
and your face softened
my bare shoulders had a dusting of glitter, catching your eye
your mouth opened, no words
I bit my lip
stepped forward
you stood holding the door, feeling me walk past
the loose fabric of my dress, brushing you,
the curls of my hair tickling your arm
the door slammed closed
and we stood together
the electricity passing between us in a nearly visible current
my fingers trembled as i reached for your top button
my fingers against the hairy skin of your belly...
we both shivered
our eyes locked,sparkling
the feeling of my hands sliding your jeans down your legs was enough to
dispell the shock
and wake you up
knock you into action
my dress buttoned up the pulled it open
you ripped it off...
leaving me in just knee-high black boots
you pressed me roughly back into the bed
and gently settled between my eagerly opened legs
you ran your hands up my thighs
following them with kisses
soft, wet kisses, up my smooth thighs
you could smell and see the glistening wetness
you pressed your lips into those lips...
and slipped your tongue in
you grasped my ass so firmly with your wonderfully rough hands
and i arched into you,
gyrating in time with your rhythm
I offered you my pussy so insistently
my heavy breathing turned to quiet moans
and i ached for your cock…
just before i came, you looked up at me--
into my eyes.
and i smiled as you dove back to work,
licking and kissing.
you took me to the edge and pushed me over
i called out
and grabbed handfuls of the bed linens,
pressing my pussy into your face.
you felt the contractions
and lapped at the juices running down my thighs and over your chin
i sighed…
and regained my breathing a bit
as you lay there, head on one thigh
hand on the other, stroking
i sat up.
and rolled you over
my turn...

have a great weekend!!

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