Monday, November 01, 2004

good morning

or at least
it's morning.

it's really cold here.
snowed over the weekend.
blah blah.

the important thing is this:
go wish Didamo the happiest of happy birthdays!!!!
today is the day to start your novel!!!!
this is the most fun you'll have in a month, i promise.
i completed it in 2002, started and quit last year, and have big plans for this year...
hopefully i can do it.
i know of a few dozen of you on my links list who damn well better be joining up.
and don't think it's too late--
the year i made 50,000 words, i didn't even hear about it until november 5th,
AND my parents were in town--staying with me--for a week.
so it's like i only had about 3 weeks to do it.
and it's not about quality--
it's about quantity.
i learned so much about writing and myself as a writer from that little exercise.
and i was so madly in love with my book that i thought i would publish it.
it was, however, the first creative thing i had written since high school 9 years previously.
so it's collecting dust on my hard drive.
(no, honey, calm down--i didn't say there's dust on the hard drive...)
but someday, i may revamp it.
cuz i love that little tale...
so, please, join up.
write your heart out--feel, learn, ache, exult.
it'll change your life.

i think i've run out of things to say.
just for today.
i need to shower.
and work hard on the housey stuff.
i should have taken before and after pictures.
but maybe i'll at least take some after ones.
cuz it's looking really good.

i forgot the big story!
frigging cat wandered into the heating ducts while we were working on the flooring.
she went in through the upstairs bathroom and ended up downstairs, on the other end of the house, right on top of the furnace.
it only took about 10 minutes to get the thing torn apart and put back together.
so it was not a big deal, after all.
but my husband was pretty mad for a minute...thinking he'd have to pay someone to come get her out.
he hates her anyway.

i think i have a case of the mondays.
screw you guys, i'm going home.

(yes, i realize i just closed the post with quotes from two different shows. at least they're both funny. and so is your haircut.)

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