Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i was just showering and i had a funny thought

yes, it's nearly 5 pm.
local time.
fuck YOU.
i get a few perks for being a housewife, after all.
so anyway...
i was showering.
and thinking of my blog--
pathetically enough.
i was imagining describing to you the OCD with which i organize my shower supplies.
then i realized i was wrong...
see, i was going to tell you how silly i am
that i arrange the bottles in order of usage from left to right.
upon closer inspection, i discovered that this is incorrect.
AND boring.
but then, there i was...
in the shower, thinking of blogging.
and i thought...
well, at least i could tell them my shower routine.
just for shits and giggles.
wet hair
wash face with wet, wrung-out wash cloth.
re-wet hair, add shampoo
add conditioner
wash body
wash face with mary kay stuff
(do NOT let your mind wander...just because i mentioned a lesbian DURING my shower routine!!! come on...please? okay, fine. but when you're done, keep reading)
where was I?
oh yeah.
that's actually the point where i would masturbate if i felt like it.
and then i would rinse my hair.
because, y'know--
gotta get the max benefit from the conditioner, right??
i fucked it allll up.
i was going to make a smooth transition from the conditioner to the self-lovin'.
but i got distracted by telling you to not be distracted...
damn ME.
i annoy the shit out of myself sometimes.
...most of the time.
okay, nearly ALL the time.

since it is 5 pm and i have just showered,
(yes i'm still nude)
i must get busy prepping dinner.
(no, not nude)

the other thing i was thnking about is how un-, anti-, in-, non-, under-creative i feel sometimes.
i feel like a soggy old rag.
and sometimes...
my entire soul is on fire and my head can't keep up with all the thoughts pouring through me.
and other times...
the mundane drive along a familiar route becomes charged with beauty--
and not just from the mountains and sunset themselves...
but also from the beauty in the heart of one far away in time and space.

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