Monday, November 22, 2004

i will rock out to metallica tonight

and that's all that matters.
it'll be a busy day, sure.
but at the end of it,
i will be smiling and screaming and headbanging

so that's it.
i don't have anything to say today.
which is good, because even if i did, i don't have time to say it.
i am wondering where my favorite blogger is...
and knowing i am missed, too.
i am tired and over-rested.
I am having a good day.
and i hope you are, too.

i am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed.
(no, not really)
i am ready.
i am alive and lucky and amazed and hopeful and thankful.
i am.

i think god hates me.
or this freeway hates me.
or i have really bad karma.
on the EXACT same spot on the EXACT same freeway today,
a landcruiser tried to merge into my lane--
or rather, merge into ME.
i hit the brakes and he kept coming,
so i swerved into the huge orange cones which were blocking the left lane,
and no harm was done.
he would have hit me if i hadn't taken the chance to plow through those dividers which i thought were solid.
luckily, they weren't.
i think i'm going to just stay home from now on.

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