Wednesday, November 10, 2004

i dont' know what day it is

so don't ask me.
i wouldn't tell ya anyway.

you know...
the great thing about calling someone a "fucker", as a supposed insult?
is it's not really an insult.
yes, i fuck. so what?
like when some fucking moron calls a girl a cocksucker, in an attempt to belittle.
why, yes, i am. and i'm damn good at it. thanks for noticing ;)

so where were we?
ah yes, i was taking your pants off.
there ya go.
much better.

am i feeling sexually charged right now?
not really.
okay, maybe a little.

am i in the mood to ask a bunch of god damned rhetorical questions?

nah, that's the end.
the good news is,
while i am still digicam software-less,
my husband clued me in to a little fact:
(for the 4th time, according to him...and was that a disgruntled sigh??)
i can slip the compaqFlash directly into the printer,
and it'll do all the downloading and file naming for me.
sure, the file names are a bit boring...
no more, "pussy5.jpg" or "doggy7.jpg", but...
i'm kidding.
i don't take pictures like THAT.
i'm a bit embarassed by how many readers might be giggling at the absurdity of that statement...
oh well.

i need to run naked in the rain.
only my tits would hurt from the bouncing...
and i'd get cold.
sounded cool for a second, though.

and i'm just wondering...
on a scale of 1 to 10, how skanky do you consider my site?
one being Barbara Walters, ten being jenna jameson...
i hope i'm a 5: a perfect mix of sex and intelligence.
no kissing up allowed.
i want to know.
not that i'll change much of anything, but i suppose if i get enough 3's i'll start posting full frontal, and if i get too many 7's i'll stop the fantasies.
i couldn't change this site if i wanted to.
okay, yes i could.
but why would i want to?
and who in the HELL is slipping "tweaker chick" pills into my wheaties??

good night.
sleep tight.
and bite someone's bug in bed...

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