Sunday, November 07, 2004

feeling foggy and thick

but i'm pretty sure i got plenty of sleep.
so i dunno why i feel like a bowl of pudding.
probably caught a cold.


well, we looked at a bunch of duds yesterday--
houses that looked good on paper,
but were crap when we got there.
just before we quit for the day,
we found what we're looking for.

okay, seriously, this is bad.
i feel like i'm yawning all over this page.

we had a lovely dinner and then went to look at some new construction,
which hadn't been started yet, so we couldn't see anything.
and since we were so far west, we decided to swing by a friend's place.
and i got to sit on his bike.
he even started it up for me.
too cold for a ride.

i should be working on my novel
but i'm not.
i'm sitting here, head full of cotton.
ears full of wine whine.
wondering where the hell Chaz is, and starting to worry about Didamo.
hey wait a minute...
maybe they're TOGETHER!!!
hopefully they're both too busy novelling to blog.
but Chaz is about to get his ass kicked.
i do have something to write about!!
i made a mistake last night...
16 year old babysitter called to ask if 2 or 3 of her friends could come over...
we usually stay out really late--1 or 2am.
i waffled a bit, and she promised they'd be good.
i said, "okay, but if it doesn't go well, you won't be doing it again."
there were 2 extra cars at our house, one smack in the middle of the driveway.
and as we stepped into the garage we were greeted by a an old familiar smell.
of a particular variety.
stepped into the kitchen.
boys on couch look at us.
walk out.
babysitter is on the front porch, on the phone.
kids room is locked from the outside.
it's 10pm
they're awake.
and when i go in to tuck them in, they tell me they had oatmeal for dinner and they're hungry.
better than fucking Lucky Charms, i suppose.
so i fed them, and got them back to bed.
can you say, big trouble in little china??
she's lucky i don't like getting involved in family shit or i'd tell her mother.
and she'd never leave her house again.
not impressed.
i am sooo not impressed.

maybe i'll dig down and find something to say in a bit.
or maybe i'll just make a pie.
i want to post that picture as much as you want me to, apparently!!

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