Thursday, November 18, 2004

sometimes the remote is too far away

and consequently,
i end up PAYING ATTENTION to the frigging nickelodeon show about the kids with the fucked up hair.
if the cat wasn't sitting on my lap (for the first time since we got her)
i would DEFINITELY go change the channel.
...well, probably.
i wouldn't.
but this is a really good excuse not to.
she's so warm and purry.
and this is where i want her--
not laying on the mouse,
not batting at my fingers while i type.

it's thursday.
and i don't have a hell of a lot to say.
i had crazy dreams last night.
i think there were bloggers involved.
and possibly a bonfire.
my parents were there--
and i was casually mentioning cyber sex to them.
they were politely supportive.
...uh, yeah, that would happen.
and i believe at one point i was kayaking through someone's living room.
good times.

have i mentioned that Metallica/Godsmack is Monday?
i won't bother you futher, for now.
just be aware that i'm excited.
and that my excitement may manifest itself in strange and mysterious ways.
if i know ONE thing about myself--i know that i'm not very mysterious.
i am a straight forward gal.
only, if you could refrain from calling me a "gal" that would be super swell.
same goes for "swell".
so why can't i stop using such words????????

i feel like being silly.
no...that's not it.
i feel sort of blank, actually.
not in a sad way, just in a mellow way.
i should also stop making cookies 3 times a week.
and i should look into cutting my fingernails.
and i should stop wanting to grab my life by the handles and shake the hell out of it.

and now i think it's time to make breakfast for 4 sweet little boys.
we had a sleepover last night.
went very well--
these 4 will be a FORCE when they get older.
they're all going to be very tall.
and they're way too smart.
so, yeah, i'm thinking bank robbers?
becky and i will keep you posted...

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