Saturday, November 13, 2004

a quiet saturday in blogville

but i'll jot some thoughts anyway.

or maybe not.
i don't really have any thoughts right now.
but my cat keeps licking my fingers...
a pussy that licks back??

i'm downloading a bunch of metalica songs.
oh, i already own the albums.
it's just easier this way, than transferring them to mp3 format.
yes, i'm a strange kind of lazy.
a twisted, perverse kind of lazy.
and, oddly, not lazy at all when it comes to perversions...

taking the kids for a little hike with my best friend today.
should be fun--
they love that kind of stuff,
and well, let me put it this way:
she majored in outdoor recreation.
she's my adventure guru.

Los Hermanos, i think...
I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
this is our favorite mexican place (even if it IS in provo. ick).
complete with fried ice cream and margaritas.
....pure decadence.
oh, and best of all--

i should go do something productive.
leave me a comment--
so i don't have to hunt you down and kick your ass.
(i know it sounds fun, but trust me, it's not. well...okay, maybe it is. violence makes me horny...)

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