Tuesday, May 31, 2005

And suddenly my fingers are on fire--

Or is that my pants...?
(and I don't mean in the "liar liar" way either, wink-wink, nudge-nudge)
actually, it's just my arm--
little grease splatter, cooking dinner...
ahem, I belive the original point was this:
I'm on fire.
burning in my bosom?
nah, more like coherant thoughts finally flowing--
with fervor!
aliteration for 400, Alex.
oh, I'm back, babies, I'm back.
and why?
partly because he's back,
and he is, after all...
my muse.
but also because I can just feel the sluggishness of winter falling off my shoulders in chunks.
and why do I ALWAYS want to spell that word "chuncks"?
I don't know--that's why I'm asking you.
smart ass.
dumb ass!

so, the great news is, the season's over--
the television-sucking-the-life-out-of-me season.
daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn summer is great!!
it is.
it is sooooo great, they should spell summer with a silent grrr...
sunshine on my shoulders, kissing my cheeks, and tickling the backs of my knees.
(sunshine is the nickname I gave my pool boy, so when I say "on my shoulders" I really just mean I'm lying on my back sucking his--)
ahem, where was I?
oh yes.
it makes me think of freckles
and frogs
rustling green leaves on tall shady trees.
summer is
playing in the garden hose,
riding bikes to the beach,
...wishing there was a beach in Uta-rd...
climbing trees, mountains, rock walls....
dancing outside with humid air pressing close,
and the music from the band pouring through an open door.
summer is pina coladas and watermelon and lobster
maybe this will be the summer I start my second novel.
I done heard readin's fun.
or revamp my first--
crappy amateur attempt.
I wish there was a font for "mumbled, footnote-like comment".
or that I could be in 412 places at once--
and enjoying every single one of them as if it were the only moment in time.

my blog.
and don't look now, but I think it may have just had a fatal dose of CPR.
yeah, it has neither a cardiovascular system nor a pulmonary one,
but it was bloody well recessitated.
master speller are you,l Lisa????
try that again.
recess, anyone???
jesus h.
well, fuck me.
I guess I just flunked the spelling bee of life.
but on a cheerful note--
that reminded me of the daydream I had yesterday of having sex with Christ.
it's not my fault...
I mean, I know I'm a huge perv, and all, but I didn't just THINK IT UP out of the clear damn blue.
Hubby was watching a "behind the davinci code" show, and I was trying to go to sleep, but it was way too interesting...
so I'm snuggled down in the semi-dark of a bedroom with a tv on,
and listening to the voice describe the possibilty of Jesus and Mary Magdalene being husband and wife.
my thoughts wandered to the two of them having sex,
and then of course, to what it would be like to have crazy wild sex with the holiest man alive...
I bet he was a very sensitive lover...
aw, crap.
I'm going to somewhere worse than hell for this,
I just know it.
maybe I'll die and go to--
whew, I crack myself up.

the other big news of the day, I got tagged for the second meme of my life,
by none other than the lovely Mona
well, her chest is lovely, at least.
stay on track, Lisa, come on!!!

Total Volume of Music Files on My Computer: 4.6 GB

The Last CD I Bought Was: Velvet Revolver

Song Playing Right Now: Jane's Addiction, "Jane Says"

Five Songs I Listen To a Lot, Or That Mean a Lot To Me:

Hmmm...y'mean I'll actually have to give this....some thought???
okay....here goes...and I'm starting to get the feeling this part's gonna sting...

1. Pearl Jam's "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" this song reminds me of going back to my small town, and seeing people who have changed and wondering if they'll remember me. I always picture this little store in Camden--and a certain person comes to mind. He did remember me, after all...

2. 4 Non Blondes, "What's Up?" will forever remind me of graduating high school. We had a slumber party--one last little girl's night, for my closest friends and I. We are at J's grandmother's cabin, at the river. It was so dark...so still. We laughed and ate and played, and then we drove to..Camden(hm, I see a theme here!) to take the lone boy at the party home--J's make out buddy at the time--and as we drove we heard that song. None of us liked it, but we turned it up and sang along anyway. We stopped to get more snacks, and as we walked through the produce section, we all burst into tears--5 hormonal teenage girls. The tears turned to laughter so fast it gave us whiplash, but none of us will ever forget that night...the party lights were on! and "crying girls in the produce aisle, crying girls in the produce aisle" eh.

3. Godsmack's "Awake" (as a song I listen to a lot) just love the energy of the song, for workouts--and pretty much everything else by Godsmack.

4. Monster Magnet's Powertrip Because the lyrics crack me up and I love those guys!

5. U2's "All I Want is You" Because it's one of the most beautiful love songs ever written and recorded...

I guess I should tag some folks...
I have no idea who has already done this, so just tell me to fuck off if you've already done it--
I would like to hear what Jerry is into (for music!),
and Lily, and Loretta, and Rachael!

ok, I think I'll take Kiki's advice and twist it a little to suit my needs,
and have some take-my-mind-off-food sex.

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